[j-nsp] Mirroring IPv6 neighbor advertisements

Jason Healy jhealy at logn.net
Fri Mar 22 22:15:30 EDT 2019

On Mar 22, 2019, at 9:25 PM, Crist Clark <cjc+j-nsp at pumpky.net> wrote:
> Maybe you should be looking at DHCPv6 if you want those kinds of logs.

We did.  ;-)  However, Google seems quite set on not supporting it on Android:



Thus, we need some kind of measure to deal with SLAAC, as it seems that no Android device will do DHCPv6 (we're a school that allows BYOD, so I can't ban Android devices).

On another note, since my last post I've found that Junos 17 has a feature for MLD snooping, including static subscriptions to a listening group.  I'm going to need to update our QFX and see if that might get me more of what I need.



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