[j-nsp] JunOS 16.2R2.8 High CPU caused by python

Alexandre Snarskii snar at snar.spb.ru
Wed Mar 27 07:03:20 EDT 2019

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 11:35:54AM +0100, Thomas Bellman wrote:
> On 2019-03-26 21:11 -0400, Jason Lixfeld wrote:
> > Not a solution, but an ignorant question - Is there a function to
> > kill (and/or restart) the process in this type of scenario?  On
> > IOS-XR, there were specific XR CLI wrappers for restarting a process
> > as a means to fix stuff like processes run amok without having to
> > reboot the box (or RE/RSP/LC/whatever was misbehaving).
> There is a restart command in Junos, which does exactly that.  E.g:
>     bellman at Chili4> restart jsd   
>     JET Services Daemon started, pid 62402
> However, it can only restart certain processes (on my switches, I see
> 64 possible daemons in the help when I press "?"), and ICMD does not
> seem to be one of them.  (But that's on an EX4600 running 18.4R1; and
> /usr/libexec/icmd doesn't even exist on it.)

There is also generic way to terminate any process you want:

snar at router> request system process terminate ?
Possible completions:
  <process-id>         Process ID (1..99999)

(most of them will be restarted automagically). 

> Also, sometimes the name of the process binary does not match exactly
> with the argument you are supposed to give to the restart command, so
> you may need to think a little bit to figure that out.
> (On 18.3, we had similar problems, but with jsd and ga-nrpc; after a
> few weeks, they started using 100% CPU.  Restarting them helped, but
> after another couple of weeks they ran amok again.  Doesn't happen in
> 18.2 or 18.4, though.)

These processes can be just disabled:

snar at router> show configuration system processes 
jsd disable;
na-grpc-server disable;

> 	/Bellman

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