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virendra rode // virendra.rode
Fri May 23 17:09:43 EDT 2008

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[ Apologies to those of you who receive this note in multiple forums. ]

Hello all,

I wanted to drop a quick note to everyone and explain how/why things
took so long and I deeply apologize for the service interruption.

Apparently the machine hosting outages mailing list went belly
up during the package upgrade (postfix/mailman/apache) in order to bring
the system up to date. This was suppose to be a planned upgrade which
unfortunately turned out to be sysadmin's nightmare. During the headless
chicken syndrome it led into further issues and from there on murphy
took over that led to a prolonged outage.

We are working towards a cluster setup (active-active cluster) where we
will be able to pull the host out of operation without affecting the
service in the future. Something we are also looking into is a separate
instance in availability zones (multi-site) in order to protect
applications/ host availability from failure of a single location.

We deeply regret the delay this caused the mailing list to be off the air.

Many thanks to Gadi Evron / Randy Vanghn / James Eastman / Larry Vaden /
Joe St Sauver and other members of the team who work effortlessly to
resurrect this list. Without there help and direction outages list
wouldn't exist today. I'm indebted to them.

Suggestions, comments are welcome.

If interested, you can subscribe to the list at,


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