[outages] Cogent issues in NY?

Chad Sutton CSutton at mahercomm.com
Mon May 14 16:06:13 EDT 2012

Turns out Cogent is having a "backbone issue", according to the tech who called us back. ETR is unknown but evidently involves reseating something :)

They must have re-routed traffic for now; we're back up to full speed.

Thanks again to the folks who replied to my initial report!


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Is anyone experiencing issues with web browsing on Cogent? For about an hour now, we're seeing intermittent slowness and page loads stalling. All other Internet connectivity seem to be fine. DNS appears to be working properly (and we're seeing the same issue if we use or other public DNS.)

We called Cogent support and they said there are no reported issues, but they are going to open a ticket and get back to us.

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