[outages] Windstream Outage Affecting Ohio?

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Wed Oct 24 15:32:43 EDT 2012

Just got word from some higher-ups in Windstream that the Voice issue is supposedly on track for resolution around 15:00 CDT.

Consider me hopeful, yet highly skeptical.

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An engineer from Windstream has confirmed that our outage in Columbus, OH is also related to the larger outage affecting the upper mid-west region.

Joe Ghammashi

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We out experiencing the following issues at our Columbus, OH facility:

Inbound Long-Distance and Local Calls - Calls are either routed to the wrong business, ring busy, or the call is completed with no audio at either end.

Outbound Long-Distance Calls - Calls seem to complete but no audio is heard on either end.

While these symptoms sound similar to reports from WI and MI, the Windstream rep we spoke with was not sure if the cut fiber was affecting OH as well so a ticket was opened.

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