[outages] tumblr custom domains names ( are down (for good?)

Constantine A. Murenin mureninc at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 19:07:11 EDT 2013

Dear outages@,

It would seem like there is no more any web-server at  
This IP address was the IP-address that you had to configure your 
domain name with to have the "custom domain name" feature within 

Currently if I log-in to tumblr, I'm told:  
	"Please update your domain configurations for <..>. Learn more."	 
With the link from "Learn more" following to http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_domains.

It seems like it's been a couple of weeks (or even months) as this has 
been the case, since my tumblr is almost completely gone from Google now.  
However, there was no such message in the dashboard just a couple of 
months ago earlier this year, so, this seems like a somewhat unannounced 
and unexplained downtime.

	Why unexplained and unannounced?

There are no mentions of on that "Learn more" page, 
only is mentioned, and, for completeness sake, no details 
are provided for why anything has had / has to be updated in the first place, 
or when the old IP-address will stop / has stopped serving custom domains.  
And there is not much excuse for such information to be missing here, 
since has been allocated for TUMBLR a couple of years ago (2011-04-25), 
yet it seems like it was never explained to the users at large that a change 
was forthcoming.

Were people really supposed to change their settings when everything 
was working and when nowhere was it explained that a downtime would 
be forthcoming should a change not be made and the custom domain 
not re-configured anew?

Well, just a heads-up and a rant, I guess.  (BTW, it seems like the RSS 
imports feature has suffered a similar fate a couple of years prior, too.)

Best regards,

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