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On 3 Feb 2017, at 12:34, Patrick W. Gilmore via Outages <outages at outages.org> wrote:

> “hammered”?
> I remember the time AT&T called me and said they were going to turn off the Akamai servers in their network because they were “hammering” AT&T users. I (not so) patiently explained to them the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was being streamed live, and their users might get a weeeeeee bit upset if the feed suddenly went away.

I remember fielding similar abuse calls who insisted that they were being attacked "BY F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET <http://f.root-servers.net/> ON SOURCE PORT 53".

I'll shut up now, before anybody feels the need to remind me that this is not a discussion list. I'm still interested in what the original question meant, though.

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