[outages] AS 209 transit issues, maybe in IAH only?

Ben Bartsch uwcableguy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 13:34:52 EST 2017

Anybody else out there peer with AS 209 - CenturyLink / Qwest in the
Houston area having issues with transit into your AS from 209?  We've been
having issues since Thursday 02/16/2017.  Symptoms include (all from the
perspective of our customers) some websites not reachable, DNS not
resolving, email not being delivered.  As soon as we installed filters to
drop all advertising and receiving routes from AS 209, every issue was
resolved.  Our connection to CenturyLink has been up for years without any
config change on our side.  Tech support at CenturyLink has been a huge
challenge.  We understand CenturyLink had some sort of maintenance event on
Thursday, but details are not fully understood.

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