[outages] Ziggo outage in Amsterdam, NL

Teun Vink teun at teun.tv
Sat Feb 25 18:58:59 EST 2017


(Following up on what I said to you on IRC)

Ziggo (LGI) seems to have major issues in the Netherlands, not just circuits but also IP connectivity are affected. Many other networks (including the one I'm working for) report problems reaching Ziggo, many Ziggo customers complain on twitter about internet being down, see http://allestoringen.nl/storing/ziggo, that graph tells you enough even if you don't speak Dutch. Ziggo's outages page does not report any major issues, neither does their webcare's twitter account, it does mention last Friday's major outage thoug.. 

My Ziggo home network connection is affected as well, some parts of the internet are reachable, some aren't, which destinations are reachable seem to change over time. Luckily, my VPN endpoint is still reachable ;)


> On 25 Feb 2017, at 22:59, Simon Lockhart via Outages <outages at outages.org> wrote:
> We currently have multiple Ziggo circuits in Amsterdam showing major packet
> loss. They have been completely uncontactable by phone for the last 4 hours.
> Nothing obvious on their own twitter feeds, but others are reporting similar
> issues:
> 	https://twitter.com/ITTDesk/status/835541853072158720

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