[outages] (WI) Packet Loss to Google on Charter

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The same discussion was had on the LINX mailing list when people stated that packet loss only occurred on LINX and not on a transit provider. Google piped in and said that rate limiting applies on various parts of their network. The route that your lossy traffic is taking is almost certainly different to the route your non-lossy traffic is taking.

Try a UDP MTR to port 53 on – this will prove the problem either way.

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i dont think the issue is google

because from other connection(verizon fios etc) it works, with the same retes etc

and when i ping TW Default Gateways from our clients, i also have packet loss

so it appears to us, the issue is with Time Warner (surprised ?)

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On Thu Jan 05, 2017 at 03:12:10PM +0000, Jesse Curtis via Outages wrote:
> I am getting ~50% packet loss to,,, and
> on two separate Charter (Time Warner) lines in SE Wisconsin. It
> looks to be affecting just ping requests as DNS and google websites are still
> working.

Google have publicly stated that they rate limit ICMP to their public services
such as - so if you're only seeing ping requests being dropped but all
other functionality operating as normal, then this is what you're seeing.

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