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LeBourgeois, Matthew mlebourg at akamai.com
Wed Jan 25 00:17:34 EST 2017

Hi all,

On Jan 24, 2017, at 11:03 PM, frnkblk--- via Outages <outages at outages.org> wrote:
> Yes, it's in and out.  Currently it's www.java.com (from our perspective).  Note that we monitor probably just a very small fraction of Akamai's dual-stacked sites, so why some sites "lose" their AAAA is a mystery to me.  They have a relatively short TTL, backend issues can get exposed pretty quickly.

We indeed just resolved an issue wherein we mistakenly answered noanswer/noerror for AAAA requests on some of our dual-stacked sites from some of our authorities starting yesterday the 24th at 21:00 UTC and ending today, the 25th, at 04:15 UTC.  We did not have any issue returning A records during the timeframe and believe that recursives were able to resolve a corresponding A record for these dual-stacked sites throughout.


Matthew LeBourgeois
Principal Performance Engineer
Akamai Technologies, Inc. 
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