[outages] cocmast packetloss and high latency

Sneath, Dustin dsneath at elkgroveparks.org
Mon Nov 6 13:37:49 EST 2017

Nothing yet in Chicagoland; I’ve been steady at 2-3ms ping over 6 hops to Comcast DNS, 3-4ms over 11 hops to Google DNS via Comcast fiber.

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I'm also getting lots of reports from customers with massive amounts of packet loss.


seems to be a comcast issue for sure.

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Yes. And whats worse is my deli nearby uses Comcast business for their credit card reader.. guess I owe them for lunch tomorrow..

Jim Limmer, CISSP
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VNA Community Healthcare

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anyone else is seeing lots of packet loss and 100ms+ latency mostly in east coast on comcast network?


Audrius Peciukas
1Wire Communications

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