[outages] Fwd: cocmast packetloss and high latency

Job Snijders job at instituut.net
Mon Nov 6 14:18:13 EST 2017

If I had to make a guess, a bunch of more-specific routes are
propagated into the Default-Free Zone that should not be there:

BGP routing table entry for
    2914 3356 7016
    Nexthop (via from
AS15562_scarlett_IPv4 (
    Origin IGP, metric 1016, localpref 100, weight 0, internal, valid, best
    Last update: 01:24:29 ago
    Communities: 2914:420 2914:1001 2914:2000 2914:3000 65504:3356
    Originator Id:
    Cluster ID List:

This is a more-specific for (originated by AS 7922).

These more-specifics win over less-specifics, so the world's traffic to comcast
may now be flowing through level3, and maybe there is not sufficient bandwidth
capacity available on those Level3<>Regional_Comcast interconnections.

Kind regards,


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