[outages] CenturyLink Regional Outage @ Nashville, TN

Tim Beers beers at hyperport.net
Tue Nov 7 00:52:07 EST 2017

According to our ticket, this was impacted via a fiber cut.  Splicing is
currently underway.

Our service seems to be restored as of the last few minutes, although it
sounds like there's still pairs in the bundle being repaired.

On Nov 6, 2017 3:18 PM, "Tim Beers" <beers at hyperport.net> wrote:

We have a couple of clients that lost connectivity around ~3:40 EST in the
TN area via CL MPLS.  Notes in the ticket indicate there's a major outage
impacting multiple customers.

More of a FYI.  We haven't received any ETR or issue identification at this
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