[outages] Equinix Exchange contacts

James Cornman james at atlanticmetro.net
Tue Nov 21 11:11:09 EST 2017

Anyone present with some contacts / influence with Equinix regarding their
Exchange product?

We're working to establish what they consider a unique situation thats not
supported, and we're mostly getting told NO from the Equinix NOC w/o any
escalation, and I'm looking to get someone with more technical expertise to
talk to.

We're looking to establish 2x10Gbps connections in an LACP LAG, with 2 IP
addresses; 1 per MC LAG member, so we get the benefit of redundancy and
capacity. Apparently the 2 IP address thing is the current show stopper. I
haven't received any meaningful feedback as to whether this is a political
problem or a technical one.

FWIW, Other exchange points support this such as Any2 and NYIIX, etc.



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