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David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Mon Dec 7 06:25:44 EST 2009

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>     Hope all's well.  If some of your DNS servers don't need to reach
> the customer's DNS servers, you could set up an easy bit of hackery by
> configuring the customer's DNS IPs as secondary loopbacks on your own
> DNS servers and injecting the routes for them into your
> "dead-customer-lns" context (and making sure your DNS servers have a
> route back to the subscribers of course)...  Not the cleanest solution
> in the world, but a solution...
>     AFAIK there's still no per-subs NAT, but I haven't seen the release
> notes for 6.2 yet.

Hey blake,

 unfortunately, this context is totally isolated (it is practically
plugged in to the customer network) and wondered if it was possible to
use the local context for some kind of upstream nat/proxy.

Shame there is no dns proxy/service available in SEOS, this would have
gone hand-in-hand with requirements :(

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