[rbak-nsp] CLIPS authentication local

Marcin Kuczera marcin at leon.pl
Tue Nov 13 18:08:32 EST 2012


I have a case, when CLIPS is supposed to be used in hosting environment,
servers will be on separate VLANs (same subnet), rate limit will apply 
per server/vlan.

First of all, I'am not sure if DHCP is good here, but I have never used 
static CLIPS and I don't know if it will
work without dynamic assignments..

Whatever - how with aaa authentication subscriber local is it possible 
to put a password under subsriber definition ?
I tried to put "password Redback" but - authenticaion fails.
Without authentication all parameters under subscriber definition are 
not used...

Looks like password refers only to PPP subscribers...

Any hints ?


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