[rbak-nsp] SmartEdge 600 limits to 1Mpps on 10Ge-4-port card

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Mon Nov 26 02:16:55 EST 2012

Good time of day.
We have SE600 box here. The hardware config is:
Slot Type                 Serial No      Rev  Ver Mfg Date    Voltage  Temp
---- -------------------- -------------- ---- --- ----------- --------
N/A  backplane            G61BQ2611Q0590  01B   4 26-JUN-2011 N/A      N/A
N/A  fan tray                                   0 invalid     N/A      N/A
N/A  alarm card           G81BQ2611Q053W  01B   4 26-JUN-2011 N/A      N/A
5    10ge-4-port          F702D2211D1TVV   02   4 27-MAY-2011 OK
8    xcrp4-base           D210G1911G1268  10C   4 16-MAY-2011 OK

Software is:
Redback Networks SmartEdge OS Version SEOS-
Built by sysbuild at SWB-node06 Fri Sep 2 10:19:52 PDT 2011
Copyright (C) 1998-2011, Redback Networks Inc. All rights reserved.
System Bootstrap version is Mips,rev2.0.2.42
Installed minikernel version is 11.7
Router Up Time -   12 days, 4 hours 3 minutes 3 secs

Our problem is as follows:
We use SE600 as BGP border router with Dynamic NAT. We have a pool of ip
addresses, so we use 1:1 translations.
Suddenly as we grow to approximately 8Gbps of incoming traffic and 5.5Gbps
outgoing traffic we noticed, that we are limited at 1.1-1.2 Mpps for
incoming and 1.02 Mpps outgoing.
We are not limited on traffic. We can see, that limit is on packets per
If we put Cisco SCE8000 2x10Ge between SE600 and our network - we can reach
about 6Gbps in and 4 Gbps out with the same 1Mpps rate. Average packet size
gets smaller, because SCE limits users and drops some of their traffic.

Is there anyone, who has more than 1Mpps on SE600/XCRP4 and 10Ge-4-port
Techsupport of our seller wants us to upgrade to SEOSv11, but when we tried
to upgrade, our router lost the card in slot 5. After unsuccessful upgrade
we rolled back to 6.2. Since then we see, that our Fan tray is in invalid
state. Before upgrade everything was ok.
We would appreciate any help on our situation.
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