[rbak-nsp] someone with service contract ?

Stanislav Zaikin zaikin_s at ufanet.ru
Mon Mar 26 23:29:08 EDT 2018

26.03.2018 17:29, Marcin Kuczera пишет:

> RSE ? What is that ?
> We do have CLIPS + PPPoE + link-group for subscribers + intercontext 
> routing + policies, redirects and - dual-stack (IPv6 enabled and used 
> by testing customers).
> No NAT, no BGP... below list of our crashes..
> Regards,
> Marcin

RSE is Radius Service Engine. It's a radius service profiles in 

I know that clips + radius service profiles (RSE) in some configurations 
may way to the crashes. One of ISP in Russia even created a trouble 
ticket in E///, but it didn't help. After they moved from RSE to 
standard scheme with many radius attributes, the crashes magically 

We have similar configuration ( clips + pppoe dual-stack + intercontext 
routing + redirects + link-groups (access eco and dot1q) + bgp + ospf ) 
and we haven't seen crashes for years (after we turned off rflow).

If you attach your configuration, i can compare our featureset to your.

Stanislav Zaikin
Network Engineer
JSC Ufanet

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