[Sysmon-announce] new release 0.91.17

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Mon Apr 7 15:12:57 EDT 2003

	quick summary of changelog:

   Changes for 0.91.17
     * bugfix for memory leak when lots of sighups are sent to process

   Changes for 0.91.16 (beta release)
     * pop3 fix
     * basic ssh support from Patrik Henningsson

   Changes for 0.91.15 (beta release)
     * fix some poor parser semantics that would cause objects to
       improperly inherit previous object values
     * add dns query -- type dns; dns-query "example.com";
     * fix noheartbeat typecast and code
     * minor changes on html page and how we display our version
     * add config savestate "/path/to/file";
     * catch some signals more to provide a bit more coredump
       info if necessary
     * fix 'make register'
     * fix 'CONF'

	i've been testing this the past 17+hours with no problems.

	i'm looking at expanding the snmp functionality.  this will
make the snmp queries far more advanced and i'm interested in hearing
about features people may be interested in.

	let me know if you have any questions, or post your
problems/questions to sysmon-help at puck.nether.net


3e4e275d3722b8d4921fb69fdab89ebd  sysmon-0.91.17.tar.gz
16babd6760c1ab9cdc7cf22fdea3956464d1c33d  sysmon-0.91.17.tar.gz

	- jared

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