[Sysmon-announce] new sysmon release 0.92

Jared Mauch jared at sysmon.org
Tue Oct 5 13:37:11 EDT 2004


	At long last, I have a new version of sysmon to release to the

	I just realized it's been about a year since the last release,
and since i'm busy in "waiting for baby" mode, it's time to push this
out.. it's been ready for awhile, but a recent report caused me to
announce it now and finally declare the release stable.

	I've been running it for quite some time myself, so I don't
expect any problems.

	Here's the ChangeLog:

MD5 (sysmon-0.92.tar.gz) = 0db402c47c01857ac5c2a4e8d00c0d57

   Changes for 0.92
     * fix bug where numfailures would get out of sync with some objects
     * cleanup some very verbose logging
     * rename yylex sysmon_conf_yylex
     * cleanup unused variable in icmp check
     * cleanup of some "MODE xml" SHOWOBJ output
     * changed stale/killed check to only log once/second
     * many warnings cleaned up -Wall
     * pingv6 check implemented, tested (MacOS 10.3, linux, freebsd)
     * fix segfault if no description configured
     * change icmp hold queue size calculation
     * autodetect max number of checks that can be done at once
     * add MODE outagelog to tcp/1345 sysmon service
     * add pragma no-cache to html file
     * fix for snmp based checks and SIGHUP state
     * dns check fix for double free()
     * FreeBSD malloc/abort() recursive fix
     * more SNMP build cleanup
     * queue based off of next_queuetime instead of doing math each time around


	- Jared

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