[sysmon-help] spawn when a services comes backup

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Dec 13 09:20:02 EST 2002

12-Dec-02 at 21:44, James T. Moore (jamoore2@vt.edu) wrote :
> The web documentation indicates that the spawn 
> option can only be used to execute a script when 
> a service fails. It would be great if there was a
> corresponding option to spawn a script when the
> service comes back up as well. With this option,
> it could make doing automatic fail-over and recovery
> very easy. Is this missing by design or is it just 
> something that hasn't been added yet?

Failover and recovery is better done by something other than a system
monitor, but I take your point. I think the best thing is that the
spawed script finds a way to monitor if the host down is back up itself,
because sysmon by it's nature only checks every few minutes. 

What is your specific goal here? Maybe I can help you think about it
outside of sysmon terms.

Sysmon for me is just a monitor, that can trigger pages/emails when a
host goes down. Anything more is outside the design goal of sysmon.

I am not the developer though, maybe he might like to add this
functionality for other reasons...

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