[sysmon-help] spawn when a services comes backup

Marko Milivojevic markom at margmidlun.is
Mon Dec 16 10:18:20 EST 2002

> 	If it takes that script more than a few seconds (even up to 30)
> it will cause those annoying numkilled things.  (once i see a test
> that takes more than 60 seconds, i stop it.. because that shouldn't
> happen).

	In my book, test of a networked service that takes 30 seconds
to complete is the same thing as failed service ;-).

> 	i have snmp support already.  you can't do temp trends via snmp?

	Two things here :-). There is no documentation on how to actually
use SNMP in Sysmon :-).

	Second - yes, you can check the temp itself, but can you check
whether it has risen for 5 degrees in past 30 minutes (trend to rise)? Or if
badwidth usage has started going up, etc.

> 	well, this would be easy to do, i'm just paranoid about
> people shooting themselves in the foot with it then coming to me and
> saying "why does YYY happen", then i say "your external 
> program sucks".

	As I mentioned -  I understand this, but I'm looking at this not
programmer, but user's eyes :-)

> 	actually, i'd probally just do this:
> object extcheck {
> 	type ext;
> 	exec "/tmp/check";
> 	exit-failure 0;
> 	exit-success 25;
> 	contact "joe@foo.bar";
> };

	Actually, that's the way I'd like to see it, too :-)


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