[sysmon-help] Is it possible, to monitor every object at different time frequency..?

Mahesh Chandra Patil Mahesh Chandra Patil" <mahesh_patil_99@rediffmail.com
31 Jul 2002 13:46:26 -0000


Greetings to all the guru's

I have about 70 different objects in my sysmon.conf filewhich are 
being monitored.

The current time frequency at which all my objects are being 
monitored is  "config queuetime 60"  i.e every minute.

But  I would like to have some of the objects in the list to be 
monitored every 2 hours.

I mean, about 20 objects of the list are WWW servers and I dont 
want to monitor them every minute. I want to monitor them only 
once in an hour or two.

Can some body guide me with the settings..

waiting anxiously.

Thanks for the coming reply.