[sysmon-help] states?

Jared Mauch jared at sysmon.org
Tue Apr 15 14:50:09 EDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 06:34:34PM +0100, Paul Reilly wrote:
> what do the different states mean?
> internal-killed?

	Internal-Killed happens when a check is being "processed"
for more than 45 seconds.  None of the checks when they are behaving
correctly should take that long to be performed.

> Conn Ref

	Connection Refused.  It's just a shortened version of it so
it can more easily fit on cell phones/pagers.

> I can kinda guess. Is there a list of all the states and their meanings?

	You can check src/config.h,
they are mostly straightforward.

/* Return Values */
#define SYSM_OK         0
#define SYSM_CONNREF    1
#define SYSM_NETUNRCH   2
#define SYSM_HOSTDOWN   3
#define SYSM_TIMEDOUT   4
#define SYSM_NODNS      5
#define SYSM_THROTTLED  7 (news server [INN] is throttled)
#define SYSM_NOAUTH     8
#define SYSM_NORESP     9
#define SYSM_INPROG     10 (internal value for in-progress, can't be a state)
#define SYSM_BAD_AUTH   11
#define SYSM_BAD_RESP   12
#define X500_WEDGED     13
#define SYSM_KILLED     14 /* killed locally */
#define SYSM_HOSTUNRCH  15
#define SYSM_RTT_HIGH   16 
#define SYSM_SNMP_HIGH  18
#define SYSM_SNMP_LOW   19
#define SYSM_SNMP_OOR   20 (out of range)

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