[sysmon-help] Problem with snmp support!

Andrei andrei.paraschiv at pcnet.ro
Mon Aug 4 16:14:47 EDT 2003


    I have a problem, when i try to start sysmond (sysmon ver: sysmon-0.91.19.tar.gz  running on Red Hat Linux 8.0) with 
a snmp type configuration in my sysmon.conf file i get an error msg : 

"sysmond: 15:00:00 Invalid type specified in /var/web/sytem.net.ro/nou/sysmon.conf line 29
 sysmond: 15:00:00 unable to determine check type for object Mon_disk1
 sysmond: 15:00:00 did not add object Mon_disk1 as it was not valid "

        object Mon_disk1 {
           ip "213.154.x.x";
line29:  type snmp;
           snmp-type "high";
           oid ".";
           desc "Mon_disk1";
           snmp-high "22";
           community "public";
           contact "andrei.paraschiv at pcnet.ro";
    dep "6400";
Am i doing something wrong or it is a general problem?
How can i solve this problem?

I thank you in advance,

Andrei Paraschiv
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