[sysmon-help] Handling 'or' dependencies

Patrick Michael Kane modus at pr.es.to
Mon Jun 30 07:01:17 EDT 2003


I saw another mention of this in the archives, but I wanted to double
check that there is no current way of handling this siutation.

My sysmon host sits behind a pair of Cisco routers running VRRP.  In
the Cisco VRRP implementation, the virtual address that is shared
between the two routers (the sysmon host's default gateway) is not
pingable.  I would like to have an object that is flagged as down only
when _both_ of the router IPs are not pingable, so I can use that as a
base dependancy for outbound monitoring.

Is this currently possible?  If not, any thoughts on a syntax?  I'd be
happy to try and whip up a patch.

Patrick Michael Kane
<modus at pr.es.to>

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