[sysmon-help] FW: iidcs215 is Conn Ref

A, Shekar (Shekar) shekara at lucent.com
Tue May 6 10:46:18 EDT 2003


I have configured iidcs215 for monitoring the tcp port 1025 where sybase
server is running
I get the mail as below mentioning "Conn Ref"

Please let me know what does it mean?

the sysmon entry in the conf file is as below

object iidcs215 {
ip "iidcs215";
type tcp;
port 1025;
desc "ping-iidcs215";
dep "iidcw086";
dep "";
dep "";
contact "shekara at lucent.com";

Thanks and Regards

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From: System Monitor [mailto:root at iidcw086.iidc.lucent.com]
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To: shekara at lucent.com
Subject: iidcs215 is Conn Ref

iidcs215 ( ping-iidcs215 is Conn Ref 00:00:03

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