[sysmon-help] Sysmon and SNMP

Marko Milivojevic markom at margmidlun.is
Wed May 14 11:18:05 EDT 2003


	I must be doing something wrong, but I have this configuration file:

root = "root-object";
config statusfile html "/sysmon.html";
config logging file "/var/log/sysmond.log";
config sender "root";
config dnsexpire 7200;
config maxqueued 50;
config numfailures 3;
config pageinterval 60;
config queuetime 20;
config showupalso;
object root-object {
        ip "";
        type ping;
        desc "Root PING";
        dep "root-object";

object root-object-snmp {
        ip "";
        type snmp;
        snmp-type "exact";
        snmp-exact "1";
        oid ".1.0"; # Just some dummy value
        community "public";
        desc "Root SNMP";
        dep "root-object";

	When I run sysmond, I get this:

sysmond: 10:17:27 Invalid type specified in /etc/sysmon.conf line 20
sysmond: 10:17:27 unable to determine check type for object root-object-snmp
sysmond: 10:17:27 did not add object root-object-snmp as it was not valid
sysmond: 10:17:27 Starting sysmon v0.91.18
sysmond started on isa.margmidlun.is
forked process as pid 3866

	What am I doing wrong? How do I make sysmon use SNMP? :-)


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