[sysmon-help] Error not written in /var/log

deden purnamahadi dedenph at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 5 06:23:55 EST 2003

Dear all,

I have successfully installed sysmon in RH but something 'strange' happened 
when i installed in Mandrake.

config statusfile html "/usr/local/htdocs/index.html";
config logging file "/var/log/sysmond.log";
config sender "sysmondaemon";
config dnsexpire 7200;
config maxqueued 50;
object sysmon-host {
        ip "";
        type ping;
        desc "pc-sysmon";
   contact "soleh at srd.co.ix";

object  www-development {
        ip "";
        type www;
        url "";
        urltext "DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC";
        desc "webserver-development";
        contact "soleh at srd.co.ix";
        dep "sysmon-host";


I tried shutting down the web server but there's no log in 
I can see from "sysmon" that the web server is down, but not in log file.
Anyone can help ?

Warmest regards


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