[sysmon-help] Weird udp issues

Bryan C. Geraghty bgeraghty at pamlab.com
Tue Apr 13 17:13:30 EDT 2004

I seem to be having a weird problem with UDP port monitoring. Sysmon
works great for everything else. I am running sysmon 3.50 on redhat 9.
The servers I am monitoring are windows 2000 in an active directory
environment. I have the following three objects set up within my config

object pamlab2k-01_dns-port {
  ip "pamlab2k-01";
  type udp;
  port 53;
  desc "Pamlab2k-01 :: DNS Port";
  dep "pamlab2k-01";
  contact "tech.support at pamlab.com";

object pamlab2k-01_dns-query {
  ip "pamlab2k-01";
  type dns;
  dns-query "pamlab.com";
  desc "Pamlab2k-01 :: DNS Query";
  dep "firewall";
  contact "tech.support at pamlab.com";

object pamlab2k-01_dhcp-port {
  ip "pamlab2k-01";
  type udp;
  port 67;
  desc "Pamlab2k-01 :: DHCP Port";
  dep "pamlab2k-01";
  contact "tech.support at pamlab.com";

The DNS port gets an "up" about every other heartbeat but the dns query
shows 100% uptime. The dhcp port has 0% uptime; yet, my dhcp server is
up and running and my clients can get ip addresses. I checked my
firewall and everything seems to be passing through fine. I ran nmap -sU
pamlab2k-01 from the linux server and it shows the ports open. Anyone
have any ideas?

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