[sysmon-help] False ping alert

Mark Pace Balzan mpb at melitacable.com
Fri Dec 1 04:02:10 EST 2006


Catching up on this older thread...... 

> 	The problem was with calculating the icmp checksum.
> most *BSD oses cared about it, while others did not.
> 	I don't have a FreeBSD 5.3 host lying around, just 5.4
> and 6.1 mostly.  Both have run sysmon without troubles and are used
> in my development work.  Give the latest rev a shot, it should work
> without problems.  I just have mostly cosmetic cleanups to
> do before a release.

I have now installed sysmon 0.93pre3 on FreeBSD 5.5 - Interestingly I
still have an issue with false down alerts for machines im monitoring
via ping. I'll describe what Im doing and what ive found so far:

I have two sysmom daemons running two config files:

One config file is just cisco-router objects with a monitoring type of
'ping'. Here all goes well, never a false alert.

The other config file monitors various solaris/freebsd/windows servers,
some via ping, some via http/smtp/radius etc..  Here most of the servers
monitored via ping give false alerts.

I have put one server monitored via ping giving false alerts into the
cisco-rotuers config file, and the false ping alerts for this server
have not occurred again.

So at this point im confused about what is happening.

Care to shed some light ?   Is there some verbose debuggin flag I can
use so we can get some info about why sysmon claims ping failures in one
config file but not in the other ?



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