[sysmon-help] False ping alert

Mark Pace Balzan mpb at melitacable.com
Sun Oct 29 01:25:39 EST 2006


Ive been using sysmon 0.92 for quite a while now, and must say its

Was browsing the list archive, and came across a thread dated Jun 2002 -
http://web.nether.net/lists/sysmon-help/0022.html   about sysmon
reporting ping down when it really is up.

The thread indicates it was fixed by the time sysmon 0.92 was released,
but the bug description matches exactly whats happening for some
monitored objects on my FreeBSD 5.3 - sysmon 0.92 setup.

Is it perhaps still a known issue for freebsd ?   Let me what info you
need to track this down, or if its fixed in the 0.93 beta, in which case
I could give it a try.



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