[sysmon-help] Feature request?

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Mon Jul 2 14:58:02 EDT 2007

I would love to be able to display on the network summary page the response
times or values returned by the individual requests.  For example if I could
show the ping response time I could not only could I see at a glance if the
systems are up,  but also if the systems are responding slow.  I could then
possibly trigger events based on the value of the response time.


I love the SNMP feature of sysmon.  Would it be possible to include the
value returned by the SNMP request much like the ping request.  This way I
could see at a glance CPU temp of the systems etc.  It looks like I can
already trigger events based on the snmp-type.


Is this possible with sysmon?

Is there enough interest in this ability to warrant the time and effort
needed to pull it off?



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