[sysmon-help] Do-Not-Contact Periods

Morgan Aldridge makkintosshu at mac.com
Fri Jun 22 13:40:58 EDT 2007

The other night I did a quick exploration of the source and it  
appears that most of the modifications needed would be in  
handle_retval() in syswatch.c (or possibly in page_someone() and  
run_command_and_mail_output() in page.c). Unfortunately, I'm really  
not familiar with lex, so the parsing of the config file will take be  
a bit.

Is anyone else interested in this functionality? Or am I the only one  
that has some services that actually go "down" for regular  
maintenance & backup?

Morgan Aldridge
morgant at makkintosshu.com

On Jun 20, 2007, at 11:18 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:

> I have a number of servers and/or services that "go down" during  
> the night for backups and other maintenance, but I obviously don't  
> want to get paged during those times. I actually "spawn" a specific  
> script to send the page, so I could do some parsing to ignore pages  
> for certain servers & services during their respective maintenance  
> periods, but that's a whole bunch of work in a script that it  
> doesn't belong in (meaning more work to modify my Sysmon config as  
> well).
> I propose the following configuration options (where "dnc" stands  
> for "do not contact" and "time" would be a 24-hour "HH:MM" string):
> 	dnc-begin [ time ]
> 	dnc-end [ time ]
> In terms of functionality, the up/down status of an object would  
> not be tested (just as if the object it depended on were down) and,  
> naturally, no "contact" or "spawn" configuration options would be  
> acted upon during that time period. This way, if a server didn't  
> come back up at the end of the scheduled maintenance period, one  
> would still get paged, but no testing/paging would occur during the  
> maintenance period.
> Whether or not the uptime would be affected is open for discussion.  
> I'd argue it should affect uptime, but then you'd have to still  
> test the object, but just not contact/spawn.
> How much work would this be to implement, realistically? If you can  
> point me in the right direction (e.g. where to add the new config  
> options and which function does the contact/spawn then I'll gladly  
> implement it myself and send you the diffs (even if I have to do it  
> off-the-clock).
> BTW - Another related option that might be useful would be a  
> "timezone [ string ]" option for those of us that have servers in  
> different time zones. Obviously less important.
> Sincerely,
> Morgan Aldridge

Morgan Aldridge
morgant at makkintosshu.com

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