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Jared and list,


First of all I want to thank you for a wonderful product.  I have been using
it for years and it has saved my hide many a times.  Recently the Fedora box
that was running sysmon packed it in and I installed it on a new system
running Ubuntu.  I have been able to get things up and running as far as I
can tell. However there is nothing on the index.html page other then the
header information.  I read through the archives and found a post that
sysmon only shows when systems are down but I had it running so that it
showed all the systems all the time.  When they are up they are green, when
down red, and when recently down they are yellow.


I found the config  options to set the colors.


root = "Sysmon-Host";


config upcolor "green";

config downcolor "red";

config recentcolor "yellow";


config statusfile html "/usr/share/sysmon/index.html";

config logging file "/var/log/sysmond.log";

config sender "sysmon";

config dnsexpire 7200;

config maxqueued 50;


object Sysmon-Host {

        ip "";

        type ping;

        desc "Sysmon Host";



object PrivateGateway {

        ip "";

        type ping;

        desc "router-eth1-1";

        dep "Backbone";



object Backbone {

        ip "";

        type ping;

        desc "Main Switch";

        dep "Sysmon-Host";



The logs seem to indicate everything is ok



Jun 29 2007-13:39:06 : total entries to be monitored = 3

Jun 29 2007-13:39:06 : Starting sysmon v0.92.2

Jun 29 2007-13:39:06 : sysmond: INFO: hold queue set to 480000 for icmp

Jun 29 2007-13:39:06 : sysmond: INFO: hold queue set to 480000 for icmpv6

Jun 29 2007-13:54:07 : dnscache - 45 hit 4 miss 0 exp 4 count entr 4 est


I know I am missing something simple and hate to bother you guys but.





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