[sysmon-help] https-type check?

Sebastian Stelmasik s.stelmasik at it-websolutions.com
Mon Sep 26 03:21:47 EDT 2011

I'd need to check if our HTTPS-Websites are online with sysmon and have 
found out that there should be a https-check included:

[root at mail sysmon-0.93-pre4]# find . -type f | xargs grep https
/./docs/CHANGES:       including authdns, radius and https. https is not 
on by default,
./docs/Changes.html:    things, including authdns, radius and https.  
https is not on
./src/syswatch.c:                       stop_test_https(here);
./src/syswatch.c:                       case SYSM_TYPE_HTTPS: 
./src/syswatch.c:                       case SYSM_TYPE_HTTPS: 
./src/lib.c:                        if (strcmp(type, "https") == 0)
./src/lib.c:                    return "https";
./src/config.h:#define SYSM_TYPE_HTTPS  15 /* https content check */
./src/config.h:         15 = https, 16 = sysmon, 17 = ssh, 18=ircd,
./src/config.h:void start_test_https(struct monitorent *);
./src/config.h:void service_test_https(struct monitorent *);
./src/config.h:void stop_test_https(struct monitorent *);/

but if I try to configure sysmond refuses to start with 'unknown 
type'-error? - So how do I activate the https-checks?

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Sebastian Stelmasik


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