[VoiceOps] Alternative IVR Platform?

Carlos Alcantar carlos at race.com
Sat Aug 1 18:41:59 EDT 2009

And your right I don't like the fact that they do lock us out of certain
parts of the switch, but at the same time i feel the support they have
given me has been excellent and they have been able to work with me thru
all my issue where I haven't had to go dig thru those sections of the
switch. And I'll take back what I said about moving everything to
Metaswitch we still do have our moh server on asterisk as well as our vm
server with no plans on moving them anytime soon.

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Having used both, my opinion is Meta is a good product, as long as it
does what you need. Not very adaptable. Usable to deliver pots service
via voip, but anything else use Asterisk.

My preference has been to setup Meta to handle all the SS7 dips, E911,
etc, with Asterisk more as a feature server hanging off the Meta. I
also do not like Meta support going in and making changes to networks
without prior communications, and unilateraly removing tech access to
areas they should have access to. I have always had the opinion that
once I buy the gear I have control, not the manufacturer. If I wish to
purchase support, then support me but do not lock me out. ATT used to
be good at this also.
On Aug 1, 2009, at 1:38 PM, Carlos Alcantar wrote:

> We do pay for the support contract.  The person assigned to me for
> support has been awesome he's always been very fast to help me with
> issues.  I guess it doesn't hurt that our office is 15min away from  
> the
> Metaswitch alameda office and that's where my support guy is based out
> of so I can go over and sit with him when need be.
> -carlos
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> Carlos Alcantar wrote:
>> And one thing I can speak highly of is Metaswitch
>> support is awesome.  Hands down best support from any vendor I have
> usesd.
> Seriously?
> You must be paying them an asston of money.
> I have a very opposite perspective, at least on their American support
> apparatus.  The actual UK guys are generally very decent.
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