[VoiceOps] Alternative IVR Platform?

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Mon Aug 3 11:35:16 EDT 2009

We are doing Meta's MOH on Asterisk as well.

With Metaswitch support a lot seems to hinge on who you are assigned to in
terms of your support experience.  It makes for an interesting discussion
topic when you start getting into the benefits and down-sides of having one
specific assigned first-line support representative as opposed to a random
tech for each ticket you open.


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Carlos Alcantar wrote:

> And your right I don't like the fact that they do lock us out of certain
> parts of the switch, but at the same time i feel the support they have
> given me has been excellent and they have been able to work with me thru
> all my issue where I haven't had to go dig thru those sections of the
> switch. And I'll take back what I said about moving everything to
> Metaswitch we still do have our moh server on asterisk as well as our vm
> server with no plans on moving them anytime soon.

That seems very reasonable.  Why pay for the switch vendor's overpriced 
Class 5 feature server accessories when you can generate them out of 

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