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We are still running Sylantro. We looked into Broadsoft as we manage a BW installation for a customer of ours, but pretty much everyone we talked to was an arrogant #^@& that acted like we owed them our business and really turned us off to them. We already have a Metaswitch for a PSTN gateway so we're looking heavily into their offerings.

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Guess since no one else responded i can rep the Synergy platform :)

We've got the Synergy platform.  Haven't moved to another platform yet, still have a bunch of things to consider...

a) we have yet to receive an EOL/EOS notice from BroadSoft.  We're told it will be ~2 years but waiting for something official.

b) BroadSoft is working on an ability to migrate the base from the Synergy platform to the BroadWorks platform so will need to see how that works out.  I think if you have SIP Trunk customers or SIP Hosted customers you'll be OK but anyone that might be running MGCP the advance features just don't seem to be present on the BroadWorks platform.

c) There aren't a lot of other carrier grade platforms out there... Metaswitch, Sonus ASX, BroadSoft Broadworks are the big ones i can think of -- anyone have any other major vendors they would recommend?
-- We are familiar with the BroadWorks platform but we're waiting for release 16 to come out with Sol10/x86 hardware support.

On top of all that, it is extremely costly to move customers from one platform to another so it will take several months to continue the evaluation and if a migration is required probably a couple years past that.

When you factor in ongoing M&S and licensing costs and the need to reduce network costs all the time... sometimes I wonder if building your own soft switch isn't the best route...

Are you still running the Synergy platform or have you already migrated to something new?

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I see this list has a lot of Broadsoft users, anyone left running
Sylantro? If you were a Sylantro shop until the buyout etc what platform
did you move to and what steered the decision?

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