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360networks... provides service across the western US in over 1300 RC's
(We are CLEC in 39 states and own a large fiber network).  We provide
inbound call sessions for a monthly MRC and DID's from .05-.20 based on
number of DID's Reserved/Activated.  We can take this off-line when you
have some time and I'll get you squared away with one of our sales







Rick Garcia

VoIP Strategist

360networks (USA) Inc.

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206-999-6666 - C

206-299-9383 - F




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Hi All,

We're currently shopping around for a new provider(s) for our inbound
local DID's (US). We're currently working with XO and possibly bringing
on Paetec. We're also going to start looking into Level3, although we
hear they require a hefty monthly minimum which we may not meet at this
time. Does anyone have any experience bringing on Level3 either for
their true Local Inbound product or their VoIP Enhanced Local product?

We need to provide local DID's for our residential customers and was
also hoping to find a cost effective manner to provide local DID's as
access numbers into our calling card/international long distance
platform. We realize this may result in utilizing two different products
or providers. 

Any suggestions from the list?


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