[VoiceOps] BellSouth vs. AT&T stance on multi-tandem access.

Jason Vanick jvanick at spruce.oaknet.com
Thu Aug 13 08:42:35 EDT 2009

> Bellsouth was thought by many to be the most friendly to CLECs of all 
> the divestiture RBOCs.  Traditionally, in its 9-state operating area it 
> was possible to do multi-tandem access;  that is, you didn't have to 
> have trunks to all the intra-LATA sector tandems in order to terminate 
> to an end-office in that sector, as long as you had transient groups to 
> the LATA access tandems.
> I have heard that the AT&T crowd does not take kindly to that and  that 
> this option doesn't exist in ex-SBC territories, or anywhere else.  Can 
> anyone confirm?

I know that in Chicago, as part of your ICA, you had to connect to the 
sector tandems, however, you could 'overflow' onto another tandem if necessary.

I was under the impression (now remember, this is 1996-1998 timeframe), that the 
'not taking kindly' reason was that Wabash and Dearborn Tandem switches were being 
overloaded by all the CLECs locating switches in the loop area to take advantage of
cheap transport...  (MFS/Worldcom/Intellinet/whatever they were called that week 
at RVC with that nasty nasty, nasty, E1-native Ericom switch, 
Focal over in the Floorshime building, Teleport/TCG up in the Sears Tower, 
and all the other carriers that I can't remember anymore ;)

> Does anyone have any information on how that's being approached since 
> the merger for new ICAs and/or if they're taking the opportunity to 
> demolish that when Bellsouth-era ICAs are updated and/or renegotiated? 
> Are folks that went up in Bellsouth days grandfathered on MTA?

Weren't the ICA's timed?  I would have assumed you would have been grandfathered
until you reupped your ICA, although, you did have the right to 'use' another party's
ICA during the beginning ICA negotiations, so if they didn't change the wording I
guess you would have been stuck.  But... if you're profitiable, who pulls out 
facilities anyways?

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