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Sorry for double post - google shortcut and botched up keystrokes made me
send premature

All - wanted to say thanks for enlightening me.  Been a very interesting
thread.  Seems like there's a lot of legacy technology, regulations, and
thinking that we have to take into account in planning.  The original thread
was on geographical redundancy - guess it should have been more specific:
* redundancy for an ITSP only provider that's facilities based reseller
(that being someone who is not a true CLEC but uses CLEC(s) for IP <-> TDM
conversion to get on the PSTN)
  - SIP peering redundancy via IP
  - local call processing and media gateway redundancy as well as
  - IP reachability to CPE and CPE redundancy

* redundancy for CLEC/Carrier
  - some or all of the above and
  - sounds a bit more complicated when you add on SS7 requirements
  - what else?

Alex - to answer you directly - ITSP with either I guess would be relevant.
 Although if I use a wholesale provider I'd expect that they are both
locally and geographically redundant (or I wouldn't use them unless business
requirements or financial situation dictated outage time is OK or worth the

> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 7:15 AM, Alex Balashov <abalashov at evaristesys.com>wrote:
>> Alex Balashov wrote:
>>  If I remember correctly tho, in order to connect to the tandems you had
>>>> to be able to provide ss7 services.  We got all of our ports out of a
>>>> DMS500, but I do remember people using something
>>>> from cisco to emulate a switch (SCC maybe?) and back end all the dial
>>>> traffic into 5800's....
>>> There were lots of switch-lite solutions (signaling gateways) that were
>>> popular during the dialup boom.  The Cisco PGW was very popular among them.
>>>  All of these could control media gateways via H.248/MEGACO or MGCP, and the
>>> TNTs did H.248.  Just very basic SS7 ISUP->media gateway control was needed
>>> to get modem pools going.
>> And the Cisco AS-series stuff is MGCP, I believe.
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