[VoiceOps] Does anyone implement RFC 3219?

Kenny Sallee kenny.sallee at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 17:36:59 EDT 2009

>  Otherwise we all might as well turn our SIP/H.323 devices off now and go
> home.

I have to agree with this.  However, mindset changes typically happen at
engineering levels first (if we are comfy we push them) and if business
models and $$ can be made are learned by the VP's we all care about.  Like
David said tho - if we can make it work from a policy standpoint and use our
engineering skills to protect us from the idiots (I'm sure most of us in our
engineering careers have been one at some point) then something like TRIP
sounds very interesting to me.

BGP is solid - but the engineers who configure it and global nature of
errors are what make people who care about phone calls shy away from it.
 Those are some of the problems we'd need to address to reach a phone via
some global directory.  Have to be able to trust it and the path.  The TRIP
RFC was implemented back in 2002 and perhaps was ahead of it's time like so
many other .com's and it's time to look at it again
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