[VoiceOps] Inbound Redundancy (was: Carrier choices)

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Mon Aug 24 08:27:42 EDT 2009

Thanks to all who've answered I guess I could have been more specific so

What are some options for inbound redundancy. Outbound is not an issue
as I can swap off from my end on my routes out however, what does one do
for inbound failures. I *heard* from my carrier that an option would be
designed (sales talk mainly) for inbound redundancy. I would think a top
level carrier (don't want to get into definitions of Tier1, etc.) - I
would think they'd have a back-out change management plan on hand, but
that to me has proven to be non-existent. (Replacing an entire switch to
notice it failed 5 hours later at the start of a business day is not cool).

My thoughts, review the SLA's and come up with a MTD (Maximum Tolerable
Downtime) and the whole shtick of wording, payments, etc in which they'd
likely shrug at - at the end of the day. From my standpoint (engineered):

Redundant connectivity (check)
Redundant equipment on hand (check)
Redundant outbound links (check)
Redundant inbound links (sort of checked)

On my inbound links, I've DID's across carriers, but this does not (as
we know) provide redundancy for me when one inbound carrier does fail.

"Hi Global?, can you take these L3 DID's for me. I have their engineers
ready to shoot you 4 million minutes in traffic until they get their act
together. k thanks!"

Wish it worked that way.


J. Oquendo

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