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Sorensen, Marty Marty_Sorensen at adp.com
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We did the deal immediately before the completion of the Versign sale to Syniverse....most I can say is that the min is $5k per month at the start.  Unfortunately Im under non-disclosure as to where we negotiated the min. 

Syniverse may be more flexible...they may also be able to refer you to other "sub-aggrigators" that might be a better fit.


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On 12/7/09 9:30 AM, Sorensen, Marty wrote:
> Paul,
> Syniverse is malleable to changing the minimums or giving you a ramp period.  We are a large company and can boast a potential boatload of business, but they are VERY keen to do deals....the minimum is negotiable if you can see your way clear to throw enough business toward them.

What *is* their minimum (at least the stated one)?  We're in the same 
position...small ITSP, so many of these services either don't want to 
talk to us or the startup/commit is too high.

Carlos Alvarez

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