[VoiceOps] analog pulse dialing solutions

Brian Tate Brian_Tate at SyncGlobal.net
Wed Dec 9 08:40:21 EST 2009

Thanks for all the pointers!  

The application is supporting an old alarm system that only supports pulse
dialing over an analog line.  The customer is located in a rural area.  
>From what I have found so far, only the Innomedia models seems to explicitly
support the feature.  We aren't a Cisco shop.


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I cannot even think of a legacy setup that would require pulse dialing...

It must be a heck of a customer account to warrant putting in this
research and work to get their contract.

One has to wonder if you could just go on ebay and buy them a new kit
for 99 bucks and it would be 15 years newer yet still 10 years old ;-)
Here customer, a freebie!

Just for curiousity sake could you share with us the legacy setup that
got you onto this path?

But some google foo turned up URLs like this: 

which says it supports pulse dialing.
Pulse Dial support: Support pulse dialing generation and

good luck and let us know how it all works out.

matt at g4.net

On Tue, 8 Dec 2009, Paul Timmins wrote:

> And someone here was saying that technologies obsoleted by better options
> a quick death. Hah! :)
> Brian Tate wrote:
>> Can anyone share experience with supporting legacy systems that require 
>> analog pulse dialing?
>> It seems that SIP ATA?s and VoIP media gateways prefer tone dialing 
>> instead.
>> Do the ?dial pulse to DTMF? converters really work for business class 
>> services?
>> ?Anyone selling good implementations of US Patent 6914978?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Brian
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