[VoiceOps] SMS apps, providers, and peers

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
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Everything that has to do with SMS and non-cellular networks is basically
cost prohibitive.  Short codes cost a lot of money to get set up.  So do
switches that can support SMSC.  There is a good reason that none of the big
guys (or anyone really) is doing this en mass.

Just remember SMS was built for the GSM systems and still runs over a MOBILE
part of ISDN that most SS7 systems don't normally touch.  Do any of you
remember how long it took for all the carriers to route MMS to each other
here in the US?  And that's still using Verisign (or whatever that branch is
called today) as the intermediate gateway as far as I know.


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On 12/10/2009 01:52 PM, John Todd wrote:

> For what it's worth, I found few people who were willing to pay for this
> service, though that could have been just due to Epic Fail on the part
> of our marketing department. (1)

Which leads me to another observation:

There's a lot of hype surrounding SMS and VoIP that gets 
dematerialised when it comes down to what people want and actually 
want to pay for.

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