[VoiceOps] good to see this going

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Fri Jul 31 22:33:33 EDT 2009

Heh, it's all a matter of knowing the process. I can't say we've ever
had to take more than a week to get anything, from point codes, OCNs, or
even CO prefixes. I've gotten CLLI codes in a day, too.

Not all of the above are free, but if you've got your amex all warmed up
the processes are somewhat trivial.

CLEC approval and ICA negotiation on the other hand, you'd have a point.


Carlos Alcantar wrote:
> Dealing with getting codes ect on the telco side makes getting ips and
> asn like a walk in the park.
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> Carlos Alcantar wrote:
>> So who's had the good time of having to deal with getting codes from
>> neustar/telcordia ect.
> I'm not a CLEC, but have been privy to the process.

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