[VoiceOps] SIP routing engine - growing pains

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Nov 2 15:18:01 EST 2009

Thank you all for the feedback, lots of good input!  Please see notes 

Lee Riemer wrote:
 > Maybe just a Metaswitch call-agent (CA9020) would suffice.  This would
 > be without the MG2510 or 3510 media-gateway piece.

I wonder if Broadsoft is similarly modular where we could go with just 
the routing engine without the feature server?

Scott Berkman wrote:
 > OpenSIPs/Kamillo/SER or whatever it's called today can do
 > most of this out of the box.  I think it's the best option
 > to match your needs if you have the time and engineering to
 > figure it out.
 >From there you can go to the Acme/Covergence SBC platforms,
 > the lower end Covergence will run in a VM or on your own
 > hardware, but can handle most of what you are looking for.

Are you sure that Convergence is still available?  The convergence.com 
domain redirects to AcmePacket and I can't find any mention of it there.

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